I am a new school counselor (since 12/2011)at a Technical High School, in CT.  For the first time ever I am enjoying “a summer off,” which is definitely enjoyable, also but confusing because I often forget what day it is–if only all of life’s problems could be this taxing. I am occupying my time by helping family, playing guitar in a band and working on an endless number of really cool projects; some of which are turning a tube television into a fish tank for my office, working on musical equipment and building related electronic sound effects, making custom shelves for my new apartment and restoring an engine for a small boat I wish to enjoy on the nearby lake in my free time.

How I’ve Done

In all that I have accomplished over the years, I feel like a superstar.  Since graduating from automotive technology training in 1995 I went on an arduous journey, one full of challenges and personal reflection. I feel as though I have navigated through several “perfect storms.” Interestingly, sometimes figuring out ourselves, moreover life itself, can be tremendously challenging. But considering that I’m going to live to be 100, it’s nice to be where I’m at now.  There are going to be decades of great things to come.

I have worked at both of Connecticut’s casinos, for over ten years, from 1995 through 2006.  But it was at Mohegan Sun where I met three wonderful people, who I refer to as my “Angels sent,” and they helped to forever change my life. They spoke almost every day about higher education and that I was “too smart and too young to be stuck working at a casino.”  One gentleman was a retired principle and found in me qualities he thought would benefit students.  So at his suggestion I started volunteering at a middle school.  I finished my undergraduate degree at Central Connecticut State University, where I double majored in both elementary education and history and creative writing. During my volunteering and school experiences, insight into students’ personal and social struggles at school and home found me interested in school counseling.  I finished my master program in May of 2011, from Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, CT.

So here I am, now a licensed counselor at a trade school (my dream job), where I am able to express my passion and support of the trades–while also being adept in aspects of many of them (automotive, carpentry, electronics… dabbling in plumbing and electrical) and where I am able to work with students to assist them with identifying and achieving their personal and professional goals… while also helping them with “wrong turns” and  “bumps in the road” they encounter while on each of their personal journeys.

All in all, I have done exceedingly well.  But for for the rest of my life I will know at least one absolute truth: I could not have done it without the love, kindness, generosity and support of family, friends… and the Lord, who definitely watched over me.

Thank you so very much for the support in past years.  I have and will never forget.

Respectfully Submitted