Scholarship Minutes

Scholarship Committee Meeting 2015

The Scholarship Committee met at the Hampton Inn in Lewisburg, WV at 3:00 PM. In attendance were Franklin Ruckman, Vickie Dove, Betty Neal, Robert Henry and Diane DiPaolo.

Franklin opened the meeting with a review of last year’s applicants for the Scholarship Fund. Then he went on to discuss the Edward Jones account. He explained that the fund recently received 501C(3) approval. This would make the donations tax deductible. Another change was to combine the four accounts into one account thus making it a little easier to work with.

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Scholarship Committee Meeting 2013

The Scholarship Committee met on Saturday, June 29th at 4:00 in the conference room of the Hampton Inn. In attendance were:

Ruth Neal, Vicki Dove, Frank Ruckman, and Betty Neal. Due to recent surgery, Diane DiPaolo was absent.

The first order of business was to review this year’s scholarship applications. We interviewed one applicant via electronic media.

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