Ruckman Origins:

  • It is not known, apparently, whether the Ruckmans lived in England for any length of time, or if they left relatives in that country. Some think that from the nature of the name they may have come from the mainland of Europe.
  • Anyway, the ancestry has been traced to a SAMUEL RUCKMAN, a native of England, who was born in 1643.
  • The Ruckmans lived awhile in northeast Wales, bordering England, and thence came to Long Island, New YORK, in 1682. THOMAS RUCKMAN, son of Samuel Ruckman, the welsh immigrant, was born on Long Island in 1682, and his son, JAMES RUCKMAN, another link in the ancestral chain was born in New Jersey in 1716.
  • James Ruckman’s son, DAVID RUCKMAN (1747- 1822), was also born in New Jersey in 1747.
  • David Ruckman is the progenitor of the Ruckman relationship in Highland and Pocahontas counties. He came to what is now southeast Highland County, Virginia, and settled in lower Back Creek Valley, about 1784. David Ruckman married a New Jersey wife whose name was Susannah Little( 1759 – 1843). She seems to have been a woman of high aspirations and longed for something better than she could get in New Jersey.
  • They settled down in an area of Pocahontas County with their son, David Little Ruckman.
  • With the formation of this website, I hope to be able to share as much information as possible, with other interested family members. One of our earliest known pictures of the Ruckman Homeplace in Pocahontas County is pictured below:


ruckmanhouse1 ruckmanhomeplace-1