(As submitted by Kathleen Robbins)

GOLD …in heraldic terms “ORE”, this metal symbolized valor and perseverance.  It is the prized metal in heraldry.

SILVER …indicative of peace and serenity.  The heraldic word for this metal is “Argent”.

RED …is called “Gules” and represents fortitude and the ability to withstand the ancient test of fire and tortue.

BLUE …or “Azure” in a coat of arms denotes loyalty and fidelity.  Sometimes it is used to represent purity.

GREEN …is called “Vert” in the blazon.  It signifies youth and vitality…..bravery on the battlefield.  Because it also represents nature, it symbolized abundance and growth. BLACK …is called “Sable” and is associated with repentance and darkness. It is a fur used as a color and derives from the animal called a sable.

ERMINE …is the fur of royalty found in the arms of nobility and those of higher rank.  It is represented by a white shield with black ermine spots or tails.  Those associated with noble lines often adopted the fur in their own shields.