I completed my undergraduate studies at West Virginia University in Morgantown with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and a minor in communication studies in May 2002.

I then moved back to my hometown to work at Summersville Memorial Hospital (now Summersville Regional Medical Center) as a clinical laboratory scientist (also known as a medical technologist).

Most people don’t know what a medical technologist is or what they do. Medical Technologists are skilled professionals who perform and analyze laboratory tests used to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders. In addition to performing many types of important laboratory tests, medical technologists interpret data, analyze results, develop new procedures, manage information, and communicate with other members of the health care team including physicians and nurses.

A medical technologist’s specific knowledge and skills include culturing and identifying bacteria, using a microscope to differentiate cells, microorganisms, and crystals; and operating complex electronic instruments to analyze blood for the presence of normal, abnormal and malignant chemical elements, cells, and components. Medical Technologists also determine drug levels to assess treatment and to detect drugs of abuse; prepare and select blood for transfusion; and evaluate the chemical, cellular, and immune composition of blood, and other body fluids. We often operate sophisticated computerized instrumentation and utilize data management to provide patient care.

In May 2004, I moved to Charleston to work at CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital. I continued to broaden my experience as a medical technologist and performed specialized laboratory tests including those to determine fetal maturity and to diagnose and treat pediatric cancers. I began assuming charge technologist duties which included supervising fellow personnel. While working full time, I pursued a Master of Science in Laboratory Administration at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY which I completed in December 2006. Having completed my graduate studies and 3 years of employment at WACH, I decided to make a leap of faith and move to New England.

In the summer of 2007, I found myself in Connecticut. After taking a month off to explore my new home, I began working at Yale New Haven Hospital – the destination hospital of Yale University. I’ve worked in the Chemistry Laboratory here going on 6 years and have since been promoted to Assistant Chief Technologist since September 2010. In my current position I supervise laboratory operations including scheduling work assignments, utilize advanced problem solving, monitor environmental issues and safety, maintain ordering and inventory control, and participate and contribute to Quality Control and Quality Assurance for the department.

I also monitor staff compliance with attendance and punctuality, contribute to staff performance evaluations, coordinate and assist with the orientation of new employees, medical students, and laboratory residents as well as monitor compliance with state and federal laboratory standards. Throughout my 11+ year career, I have also had a strong participation in information technology and contributed to numerous projects and system implementations. I have grown from a new graduate working in my hometown hospital, supervising fellow colleagues and obtaining a Master’s degree, to working at one of the nation’s top Ivy League­ associated hospitals all while earning the respect and admiration of my managers, directors, and peers. I am very thankful for the financial and moral support of my family. The hard work and determination I learned to appreciate has helped make me into the person I am today.