The Scholarship Committee met on Saturday, June 23rd at 4:00 in the conference room of the Fairfield Inn.

In attendance were:
Gene Winebrenner, Ruth Neal, Vicki Dove, Betty Neal, Franklin Ruckman, and Diane DiPaolo.

The first order of business was an interview of this year’s scholarship applicants. We interviewed four applicants. The interview process went smoothly and the committee was very impressed with the applicants.

A fifth applicant neither showed up for the interview, nor did she have a third reference at the time of this meeting.

Scholarships of $1,000.00 were awarded to the following recipients:
Robyn Smith Darien June
Pam June Lindsay June

Gene impressed upon each of the applicants about “giving back” or donating their time and/or money once they have completed their studies.

In the second order of business, Vicki gave us an update on our Edward Jones accounts.

Next, there were two committee member terms that were up as of this year.

Betty agreed to stay on one more year until we find a replacement, and Gene, because of health concerns, decided to relinquish his role as chairman and stay on as Chairman-Ex-Oficio.

We also discussed unfinished business concerning changes to the by-laws. Franklin, as part of the by-laws committee, presented the changes, and it was voted unanimously to accept them.

A copy of the by-laws, both original and altered, is attached , as well as the current Ruckman Heritage Scholarship Committee, as of the reunion.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 5:30