Gene Winenbrenner gave a report from the scholarship committee, stating that it is not perpetual yet, which means it is not self-sustaining. There were no scholarships awarded this year, as the one application received was not submitted prior to the deadline. Rachel and Rebecca Smith both spoke to their thanks in receiving a Ruckman scholarship and how it benefited their education. Gene also reported that his niece Cheryl Rhodes appreciates her scholarship. The scholarship application can be accessed online at: It was recommended that the scholarship committee form a sub-committee to review the by-laws. It was agreed and Frank Ruckman, Gale Ruckman Smith, and Bob Henry were designated as members of the sub-committee. A total of $1320 was deposited into the scholarship fund in 2010, and a total of $945 was collected this year. The list of donations to the scholarship fund was read aloud.